Blockland Mini Empires Roleplay

Mini Empires Roleplay (MERP) is a category of roleplay in the video-game Blockland where players roleplay on a small brick-built scale as the delegates, inhabitants and other members of a civilization, and develop their infrastructure and influence along the way. Mini Empires can take place in any era, in any setting, between anyone and any factions the players can imagine, and it is entirely up to the players to create the story. However, the game can also be played to replicate real-life civilizations and historical occurrences, such as the cold war, world war one, or the dark ages. The game is often played between small groups ranging from as little as 2 to as many as 15 players at a time, though the game has no participant limit aside from Blockland’s player cap and the brick count – this particular wikia site is primarily for a game of science-fiction MERP based in the 26th century.

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